Leapsy advances to Echelon Top 100, the largest startup competition in Asia Pacific

The Echelon event is the largest new exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. It attracts more than 250 exhibitors from 30 countries and 5,000 people registering for the exhibition every year. Among them, the “Top 100 Pitch” competition at the Echelon Innovation Annual Conference can be called the Asia Pacific The region’s most watched startup competition offers only 100 entries for startup teams in the Asia-Pacific region each year. Finalists will have international media exposure, business cooperation, market expansion and financing opportunities.

After several levels of screening, Leapsy successfully advanced to the top 100 and got tickets to the international competition. With strong independent research and development capabilities across the entire chain, Leapsy has stood out among many start-up teams, becoming one of the top nine in Taiwan and the only hardware AR headset team. It will be represented in Singapore and compete with people from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. , The Philippines, Indonesia, India and China, more than 20 new creation teams in the Asia-Pacific region compete.

Leapsy was established in 2015. It has offices and R&D centers in Shenzhen and Taipei. It has self-developed optical modules and AR machine design and mass production capabilities. It has applied for a number of invention patents. The team is in product design, He has rich practical experience in production, supply chain, optical R&D and other fields. Leapsy is currently used in power, construction, tourism, education and other fields.

Let us sort out Leaspy’s development experience together below:

2017: LEAPSYAR headset debuted at JD Tiangong Project 2.0 Ceremony
http://www.sohu. com/a/210427412_100085076.net

2017: LEAPSY US CES show MR S + lightweight AR smart glasses debut
https:// www.sohu.com/a/213488859_100085076

·2018: Leapsy CTO: Optical design patent increases the field of view of AR glasses by 30%
http://www .sohu.com/a/234133097_100085076

· 2018: LEAPSY CEO Wang Bowen: Customize service for B-side customers and actively deploy C-side market
http://www .sohu.com/a/236707248_100085076

·2018: Layout AR Travel AR Company LEAPSY and Tongcheng reached a strategic cooperation
https://www.sohu. com/a/237651994_100085076