LEAPSY and Tongcheng Wenlu reached a strategic cooperation to jointly deploy AR tourism

Shenzhen, May 18, 2018—The AR headset company LEAPSY officially announced on May 18 that it has reached a strategic cooperation with Tongcheng Wenlu, a new type of cultural tourism company under the Tongcheng Tourism Group, a leading online leisure travel service provider in China. Continue to invest in the next three years to jointly deploy the AR tourism market.

LEAPSY’s first demonstration project in cooperation with Tongcheng Cultural Tourism landed in China’s 5A-level scenic spot Changzhou Yancheng Spring and Autumn Park. Spring and Autumn Paradise will launch AR tour experience for tourists for the first time on “China Tourism Day” on May 19th. Visitors can rent the AR glasses developed by LEASPY for the entire tour.

According to Wang Bowen, the founder and CEO of LEAPSY, viewing and understanding the history of scenic spots and the stories behind them through AR is undoubtedly a plus for the tourist experience. But we also found that the application of AR in the tourism industry has not yet been fully scaled up. The reason is that we think it is a problem of the model. The cooperation between LEASPY and Tongcheng Wenlu lasted for three years.

Wang Bowen believes that many AR manufacturers are stuck with hardware products but no content, and tourist attractions feel that they are burdened with a large amount of customized procurement of hardware and content at once. In the cooperation with Tongcheng Wenlu, LEAPY invested in the hardware design and production of AR glasses, software APP development and content customization in advance, and Tongcheng Wenlu provided cooperation with pilot scenic spots.

LEAPSY AR glasses to watch the attractions of the Spring and Autumn Paradise

Based on this cooperation model, the LEAPSY team is the first landing project, China’s 5A-level scenic spot Changzhou Yancheng Spring and Autumn Park, and re-produced the AR experience content of 5 scenic spots including the spring and autumn layout and the recharge. Visitors put on AR glasses, and when they walk to the scenic spot, content that integrates pictures, videos, and interactive games will be presented in the AR glasses to make the quiet spring and autumn historic sites come alive. AR glasses provide another portable screen besides mobile phones. Its value lies in the real realization of convergent media and multi-dimensional cognition.

LEAPSY AR glasses to watch the attractions of the Five Haunted Houses in Spring and Autumn Paradise

There is a statue with a profound historical background, and there are ruins everywhere. Originally, they can only be placed there quietly. Tourists can only listen to the audio commentary or read the text description. And a pair of AR glasses completely changed people’s traditional tour experience. Wang Bowen, for example, said: “For example, in the scenic spot of’Long-Long Replenishing Numbers’, we use AR to combine the allusion videos of indiscriminate refilling with interactive games to increase parent-child fun, make the scenic spots three-dimensional and rich, so that visitors can have a more vivid experience and have a deeper understanding of allusions Cognition.”

In addition to AR scenic spots, the AR glasses customized by LEAPSY for Tongcheng Wenlu are equipped with GPS navigation function. Tourists can find the target scenic spots through AR navigation in the park and follow them.

The person in charge of Changzhou Yancheng Spring and Autumn Park said that the combined use of AR scenic spots and AR navigation greatly enhances the viewing experience of tourists on the one hand, and on the other hand, it also saves the cost of explanation and guidance staff of the scenic spot staff. In the next three years, we will collaborate with LEAPSY to promote AR tour experience in more scenic spots.

Wang Kai, vice president of Tongcheng Tourism Group and CEO of Tongcheng Wenlu, said, “With the change of tourism concepts, tourists pay more attention to in-depth experience and interaction. As a new type of cultural tourism company, Tongcheng Wenlu Committed to empowering scenic spots and destinations through technology, content, channels, etc., to enrich the tourist experience of tourists. The AR tour method not only digs out the cultural connotation of the scenic spot, gives new content to the scenic spot, and is also a traditional tourism Subversion and innovation of the interaction between tourists and scenic spots in China.”

LEAPSY was established in 2015. It has self-developed optical modules and AR machine design and mass production capabilities, and has applied for a number of invention patents. The team members have rich practical experience in product design, production, supply chain, optical R&D and other fields. LEAPSY currently has extensive cooperation with hospitals, universities, museums, etc.

Tongcheng Cultural Tourism was formally established in 2017. It belongs to the “Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises” and “Top 20 China Tourism Group” Tongcheng Tourism Group. It is a company with Internet technology, big data capabilities, intelligent technology applications and A new type of cultural tourism company dedicated to the comprehensive consumption of scenic spots and destinations. So far, Tongcheng Cultural Tourism has reached strategic cooperation with nearly 10,000 scenic destinations, more than 5,000 hotel accommodations, and more than 300 government tourism bureaus across the country.