TA Demo Day Helps Taiwan’s New Innovation in Asia Pacific Platform

TA#3 took a group photo with the TOP100 startup team and TA partners. Taiwan Chuangsu/Provided.

The newly created Pitch event “TA #3 Demo Day & TOP100 Taiwan 2018” held today (26), for the first time combined Taiwan Chuangsu Demo Day and Echelon TOP100 Taiwan finals, a total of 30 outstanding teams, covering blockchain, AI, AR, IoT, big data, advertising technology, financial technology, agricultural technology, healthcare, hardware, e-commerce, network platforms and other fields, subverting traditional business models and products that are close to the market, bringing hundreds of people present Many people in the investment and business circles praised him again and again.

Taiwan Chuangsu (referred to as TA) is a domestic seed accelerator. Last year, a total of 12 teams were invested and coached. The amount of funds raised has so far exceeded 120 million Taiwan dollars. The company’s total valuation has grown nearly five times in one year. Echelon TOP100 is a large-scale startup competition in the Asia-Pacific region. In the past three sessions, it has covered more than 30 countries/regions, with a total of 300 selected teams and a total of US$120 million in funds. This year’s TOP100 includes Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, China and other 20 Asia-Pacific regions. The selected team will receive international media exposure, business cooperation, market development and investment opportunities.

This time, the team briefed on Taiwan’s Chuangsu Demo Day, the online car rental integration platform Gogoout, reported recent major developments and achievements; and the two new teams include the intelligent data exchange Adbert Apte and the food and nutrition blockchain platform DietChain, Aroused the attention and interest of many investors.

The event site was packed. Taiwan Chuangsu/Provided.

Adbert has introduced big data exploration and machine learning calculations, and developed a “smart data exchange”. It is an open platform for digital marketing that can accommodate big data and intelligent analysis, greatly improving transaction efficiency and reducing transaction costs. The data is transformed into valuable consumer insights, providing business owners and e-commerce operators with more accurate advertising delivery. Last year, it has created a revenue of hundreds of millions of yuan, and it is ready to enter other Asian markets.

DietChain is a team composed of senior Malaysian entrepreneurs, well-known corporate general managers and fund managers to create an intelligent food and nutrition blockchain platform. At the same time, the use of blockchain allows participants in the food supply chain to increase transparency and efficiency, and reduce transaction costs.

In this event, Yu Kaiwen also announced: In the future, potential new startup teams will be reviewed on-the-spot. Teams can register on the official website of Taiwan Chuangsu at any time. Once admitted, Taiwan Chuangsu will follow the actual situation of individual companies. Conduct one-to-one tutoring; in the future, we will also cooperate with more international platforms to create more channels for Taiwan to go to the world.

News source: https://money.udn.com/money/story/5635/3108989